We work on a range of criminal matters, acting for the defendant and the prosecution. We have also worked on confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act, which can involve a detailed examination of the Defendant's finances over many years to assess both the benefit an individual has made from criminal activity and the value of their available assets. We are able to take legally aided work, and our data analysts enable us to plough through large quantities of data. We are happy to review documents at no charge in order to provide an accurate and relevant quotation. Our reports are clear, concise and relevant – and we are able to describe even the most complex fraud in layman’s terms that a jury can understand.

We are involved in a range of forensic investigations for corporates and not for profit organisations, brought about in a range of circumstance, from allegations by whistle blowers or concerns over profitability to the suspension of an employee. We also work proactively with organisations who have suffered from a fraud, recommending and helping to implement changes in risk management. The team have delivered training to a range of organisations in topics related to fraud, bribery and corruption.

Examples of Cases

Acting for Defendant in criminal case where charges were brought alleging misdeclaration of earnings for Income Tax purposes

Through our work we were able to show that the prosecution had misunderstood the financial information presented to them, including Tax Returns and had made arithmetic errors in their calculations of the alleged tax underpayment. As a result, the charges against the Defendant were reduced and he was able to plead guilty to the remaining lesser charges.

Carrying out investigation for mezzanine finance house following its acquisition of a retail business

Investigated allegations made by a whistle blower, a supplier, who stated he was asked to pay kickbacks to the director in order to retain his contract with the retail business. We found evidence to support the allegations, and evidence of other theft by the director. As a result the director was dismissed from office. Our research into the director’s lifestyle showed he had considerable wealth and the finance house was able to recover much of the money it had lost directly from the director.

Investigating financial results of individual motor dealership on behalf of the group.

Instructed to investigate the alleged overstatement of profit at a car dealership. We found evidence to support the allegations, and the dealership manager was dismissed on the ground that he had overstated profit in order to benefit from substantial performance bonuses and promotions. We were subsequently required to provide a detailed witness statement to support the criminal prosecution of the manager. He pleaded guilty.

Acting for Defendant in confiscation proceedings

Our detailed analysis of the Defendant's finances showed the calculation of his alleged benefit were overstated and ignored his legitimate sources of income. There were errors in the calculations and we were successfully able to reduce the benefit calculations. We were also asked to look at the Defendant’s assets and found numerous errors in the calculations, particularly concerning the valuation of property where mortgages had been understated, and we were able to show that the value attributed to other assets had been exaggerated.