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Longworth Forensic shortlisted in the Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2015

Longworth Forensic has been shortlisted for the Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards 2015 in the category of Forensic Accounting Firm of The Year – UK.

The Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards celebrate excellence in the profession and recognise the achievement of firms and individuals who have delivered exceptional results for their clients over the past 12 months.

To be shortlisted for the Lawyer Monthly Legal awards, nominees have to meet strict criteria including the firm’s involvement in significant legal cases and legal activity, innovation in client care and strategic vision.

Sally, July 2015

A year after the office move

It’s now a year since we moved into our new offices. I thought I’d take the opportunity to recap on what’s been happening to us over the last year.

Yvonne ( yvonne@longworthforensic.co.uk ) joined us as our PA in May last year and has now taken full control of case management, administration and the office biscuit supply. Then in summer, Michelle Buckley ( michelle@longworthforensic.co.uk ) left Grant Thornton’s forensic team in Birmingham after 17 years to become a forensic consultant. She has been working with me on a number of commercial and matrimonial cases.

We had our first Christmas lunch together in Manchester and all eight of us were able to be there. From what I remember, we had a really good time. It was good to be able to catch up with everyone, as we are based across the country from Glasgow to Birmingham and Liverpool to Hull.

Since Christmas, Paul ( paul@longworthforensic.co.uk ) has reduced the size of his private tax and accountancy practice to spend more time on forensic work. We think it may also be so he can get back to full fitness after falling off his bike in summer and breaking his pelvis.

On the work front, we have had a really interesting mix of work. We’ve met many clients, completed over 50 reports and 35 schedules of loss and attended numerous conferences with Counsel and joint expert meetings. Most of our cases have settled early on, but we have attended mediations and I have been called to give evidence on a couple of occasions.

I hope next year will be as enjoyable as this one. If anyone is passing and wants a look round the office, or just a cup of tea, please call in - the kettle is always on.

Sally, March 2015

Sharesave schemes

This is a head of claim that we are coming across more commonly, especially where Claimant’s work for large quoted companies.

You may see from Claimant’s payslips that they contribute to their employers Sharesave schemes. Sharesave schemes are a tax efficient way of saving to buy shares in their employer company at a discounted rate. Generally employees get immediate access to their savings and they do not have to exercise their share options if they do not wish to. Accordingly there is minimal risk.

If the Claimant does contribute to such a scheme their net earnings will be reduced by these contributions. Accordingly, if the claim for loss of earnings is based on net earnings it will be understated. There is also the potential for a head of claim of loss from sharesave schemes based on previous gains from the scheme.

Julie, March 2015

Stop press

Further to announcing in my last blog that Julie Hardless will be joining us on 1 January, I am now pleased to say that Carol Mainprize, another colleague from Grant Thornton, will be joining us as an Associate on the same date. I am really looking forward to working with them both again.

Sally, 14 Oct 2013

Four and a bit months

Longworth Forensic has been in business now for four and a bit months and it’s been a great start. We have had lots of really interesting cases that have kept Paul, Fiona and me very busy. Thank you to everyone who has passed us an opportunity.

And the best news is that Julie Hardless, a former colleague from Grant Thornton, will be joining us on 1 January as an Associate. Julie is a renowned expert in personal injury and clinical negligence work - what she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. I worked closely with Julie on this sort of work for 10 years at Grant Thornton and it will be great to be able to work with her again.

Finally, you will be pleased to know I can now operate my Samsung Galaxy, but I am still struggling with the complexities of double sided scanning.

Sally, 10 Oct 2013

New Beginnings

After six months of preparation and a month of leaving drinks and lunches, my days as a Grant Thornton forensic partner are behind me and Longworth Forensic is finally open for business. It's something I've wanted to do for years and now seemed as good a time as any to take the plunge.

With litigation costs under increasing pressure and scrutiny, I can now offer the market my twenty years of experience at a reasonable price, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to do in the large accountancy firms.

Saying goodbye to my team at Grant Thornton was hard, I have worked with them for a long time and I will miss really miss their support, friendship and perpetual banter. The team at Longworth Forensic is smaller but promises similar and I am particularly looking forward to working with Fiona Wood, a former colleague whose challenge and intellectual vigour I relish almost as much as her karaoke singing.

What I won't miss are the endless, early morning train journeys to Birmingham, Bristol and beyond, and the growing piles of administrative tasks. I love being a forensic accountant and it will be great to roll my sleeves up and get stuck into some 'real' work.

So, as long as I can work out how to use my new Galaxy phone, a new chapter begins……

Sally, 3 June 2013